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Creating Bright looks
are one of our
Creating Bright looks
AirTouch hair color technique is the evolution of balayage
A nail design with one crystal was introduced in Europe. We go further and cover the entire nail with crystals
A fashion for colored eyelashes
came to us from the West
Braids whether multi colored or plain will never be out of style.
It's a trend befitting not just young girls but busy women, for a style that's both delicate and super comfortable.
World Trends
Already at Platinum Black
Making Miracles
with hair
Platinum Black is the only salon in the United Arab Emirates that offers cold fusion hair extension
Anastasia, extension expert, is making hair extensions for famous blogger Eugenia Applebum. To soften keratin Anastasia uses an ultrasound machine, which does not heat the hair, and consequently does almost no harm to it.
We offer ten various techniques
of hair treatment
Some examples of hair treatment in the before/after format
Hair treatment using Nanomax technique
Anastasia is making Nanomax N Gravity + GreenEnergy on Dabby's hair. In the West it is called the photodynamic therapy.

How it works: A special conditioning balm is spread on the hair. The hair is then brushed with a special brush with a diode emitting green light with the wavelength of 555 nm. The light stimulates keratin in the hair speeding up the intercellular exchange in the hair shaft. The exposure to light intensifies special particles of the conditioning balm.

Hair scales straighten. The hair receives more nutrition and becomes softer and healthier.
Transformation of Our Guests
After the Makeover
Artists: hair coloring, haircut and styling — Julia, makeup — Katerina
Artists: makeup — Lubov, hair — Kasim
Artists: hair — Tony, makeup — Sahar
We highly appreciate our relationship
with our client
Enjoy refreshing drinks, fresh coffee or herbal tea, candies and branded cookies upon your arrival.
Our welcome treat ensures a visit that is perfect from start till finish.
We're more than familiar, we're more like a family.
We send birthday greetings, enjoy a bit of chitchat and always share our latest deals with you.
We ring you for feedback.
While your call for booking is important, your input after the visit is equally so.
It helps us to grow and be better at what we do.

Like Our Beauty Salon

After damaging my hair for years with different colors I decided to go back to my natural hair color and no one else than Platinum Black would have done it better. Thanks Platinum Black for making it possible
Silky, healthy hair to start a productive week by Platinum Black
Like many ladies out there, I'm guilty of pushing my hair to its breaking point. Having it colored, blow dried, or even heat styled... i just can't help myself!

That's why I was intrigued by the Platinum Black's «Happy Hair» treatment, one of Japan's leading professional hair care line that's finally reached Dubai!

Thanks to Mahmoud, Platinum Black's hair artist, he made it possible for me to have the smoothest, most glowing and perfect hair I have ever had in a long time.

Thank you, Platinum Black ♥

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Hair Services
Face Beauty
Body Care
Surprise your friend — Treat her with a Gift certificate, let her relax while our experts take special care of her beauty needs from head to toe.
Buy a certificate for any amount starting from AED 200 (most common amount is AED 500-1000).
A person spends the certificate during one or several visits to us. If the price of the treatment is higher than the amount on the certificate it is necessary to pay the remaining amount.
No expiry date.
Beauty specialists from all over the world
and over 15 years of experience
hair treatment & extension expert
Undoubtedly the best in creating every shade of blond for all hair types. She's got 10 years of experience in capsular hair extensions and the first hair expert in Dubai offering ultrasound hair extensions.
hair stylist
Already a veteran in Tunisia as a hair stylist for seven years, Ines set foot in Dubai in 2010 to share technical expertise on hair treatments and hair colouring.
An accomplished trainer under French brand Myriam K and American CHI, Ines' commendable experience assures clients that each hair appointment will result in beautifully rich tones and cared-for healthy hair.
An expert in hair coloring and hair extension. Kasim's special hair treatment mixture straightens curly hair, treats damaged hair, and smooths up frizzy hair. Clients come to this talented young man from across the Middle East. His self-made videos are quite famous, garnering a lot of views and attracting new people for a makeover unlike any other.
Ekateryna is something of a globe-trotter who pursued her love of learning about hair from the Academy of Colour in Ukraine to Oscar Brollis School in Italy for the past ten years. Among her impressive list of credentials, Katya trained under Karl van Drisse from Belgium and was a trainer for Natalia Yrchak Beauty School in Russia.
A hair up aficionado who can make every woman look special as the occasion calls for it, Katya's skills not just as a wedding stylist, but as a hair colorist and hair extension expert are making her a popular choice among Platinum Black's notable roster of beauty masters.
15 years of experience in the beauty industry. He has been practicing and sharpening his skills for all types of hair extensions and coloring over the Middle East and Europe
nail & massage expert
A qualified massage expert with 20 years of experience and 5 qualifications upgrading courses. Clients vouch for her healing hands – relaxing muscles and relieving back pain. Her second specialty is nail treatment: Rano is a manicure and pedicure supervisor.
nail expert and chiropodist
A qualified chiropodist.
Her second education is in the arts. She's won competitions and always showcases incredible artistry in her designs. She did make up for participants of the TV show The Battle of Extrasensory.
nail & waxing expert
Diana's area of expertise involves a woman's intimate need for flawless, hair-free skin.
Our threading and waxing expert is quite multi-skilled - offering not just normal manicure and pedicure but acrylic gel extension as well. Her eye for symmetry makes her the go-to person for eyebrow shaping, and tinting, essential part of the beauty routine we can't leave home without!
nail technician
Seilia's youthful vibe belies the fact that she's a veteran in highly popular salons in Russia. Trained under the School of Manicure in Russia, her exposure in Lena Lienina for nearly two years prepared her for an even more challenging job as a nail specialist at Ma and Mi in Moscow.
Although she's the salon's youngest technician, she's been delivering excellent results in manicure and pedicure as well as gel extensions and design.
She's a sugaring expert too which makes C a very important cog in Platinum Black Salon's ever-busy wheel.

nail technician
Tatiana over ten years of experience in the industry, this certified beauty therapist from Ukraine enjoys sports as much as creating visually stunning nail art. She's trained in various nail application techniques such as acrylic and gel extension as well as fantasy painting.
Nail extension expert
Microblaiding specialist
We can come wherever you want
We can send our hair, nail and beauty specialists to any place you want. The list of our on-site services includes:
  • hair styling
  • makeup
  • manicure
  • lash extension
  • eyebrow shaping
  • waxing
For utmost convenience, our team is ready to attend to you at the venue of your choice, whether it be in the comfort of your home or the location of a social or private event.
We are looking
for talents

We value professional beauty masters and are ready to ensure their high remuneration. Additional bonuses are paid for plan fulfillment.

The Platinum Black staff continuously acquires new skills and knowledge. Once or twice a week, cosmetic brand representatives talk about new launches, highlight their advantages and provide updates on the latest product. From time to time we invite foreign experts, gurus in their fields.
Likewise, our new staff undergo individual trainings.
Good pay for quality work
Professional growth
Fadi Mehanna, a stylist famous in the Middle East, shows how to do ammonia free hair blonding correctly.
If you are passionate about your profession, ready to learn more
about your craft, submit your CV at
Careful selection of cosmetics and materials

The sheer number of products proliferating in the market presents challenges to most beauty enthusiasts and our salon is no exception to that daunting task.

However, as we choose only the best tools and products for our services, our clients are assured that what's out there on our shelves have been thoughtfully considered so they can enjoy hassle-free, home-maintenance till the next salon appointment.

Our products are top-notch, as recommended by professionals in the beauty industry.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to book online?
We use the FRESHA service. After pressing BOOK ONLINE you get to the service window:

  1. Select the service, beauty specialist, day and time.

  2. Confirm booking through Facebook or Google+ or through the form. In the form enter your name, surname, phone number, email and password. The next time you book, there's no need to enter these details again.

  3. As soon as you book, you will get a confirmation SMS.

  4. One day prior to your visit we will send you a sms reminder.

  5. You only need to come at the appointed time.
Do you have a parking lot?

Yes, Valet, RTA and self-parking are available.
I'm pressed for time. Can you simultaneously do makeup, hairdo and manicure?
Yes, our beauty experts can work simultaneously; however, the complexity of procedures will still dictate the time.
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Adress: DIFC Emirates Financial Tower. The building is within a 5-minute walk from the Financial metro station.
Come to us for a chat over a cup of coffee
Adress: DIFC Emirates Financial Tower. The building is within a 5-minute walk from the Financial metro station.