You will enjoy masterly work with a dangerous blade, a virtuoso transformation of your looks that will become unique because of the beard form. Knowing all about style and fashion trends in the men’s appearance, our team will masterly highlight the status and the dignity of any gentleman!
Platinum Black Shaving can without exaggeration be even called a spa-procedure in the barbershop.
Because it lasts an hour and during the whole process you are in almost a horizontal position, and your face is steamed several times with our signature towel with essential oils, is shaved with a British shaving foam applied by a shaving brush, and hair is removed by a “straight” razor.
The whole trick is in a barber’s dexterity at this razor.
The greatest pleasure comes not so much from the result of this work but from the process during which you can really relax and enjoy a three hundred years old atmosphere.


Price List

Shaving and groomingPriceTime
Shaving line6015 min
Express Shave8020 min
Shave14030 min
Platinum Black Shave25050 min
Moustache 4015 min
Beard4015 min
Moustache & Beard trim 7020 min

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