Seaweed Body Wraps

Must. Do. Healthy. If you are looking for something to remove excess skin after losing weight or get rid of  toxins, Seaweed body wraps are the answer.

Seaweed may look gross when you spot it on a beach, but this slippery, stringy sea plant contains powerful ingredients that can benefit your skin. A seaweed wrap is typically prepared by combining seaweed with hot water and sometimes essential oils, clay and other skin care ingredients. A thick paste is formed and spread over your entire body. Your body is then wrapped in a heated towel, a sheet or a special blanket while the paste soaks into your skin.

Anti-cellulite wraps effectively fight fat deposits, activate microcirculation of fluids in the body, local and general metabolic processes, improve the conditions of nervous and endocrine systems that determine the balance of lipolysis and lipogenesis. In other words, wrapping successfully fights the causes that lead to the appearance and aggravation of cellulite and revitalizes the entire body.


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