Ladies Nails

Like a great new haircut or a terrific skin care regimen, healthy well-manicured nails are an integral part of a neat pulled-together appearance that can be an asset in both social and business world.


Price List

Ladies Nails servicePriceComments
Nails care
Manicure, classic90,00
Pedicure, classic120,00
Manicure with machine290,00
Pedicure with machine320,00
Manicure, gelish150,00
Nail cut & shape50,00
Pedicure , gelish190,00
Nails treatment:
Hot oil manicure100,00
Spa treatment for hands150,00
Spa treatment for feet200,00
Polish, classic50,00
Polish correction, one nail10,00
French manicure polish60,00
Gelish polish150,00
Polish removal30,00
Gelish polish removal70,00
Extension, acrilic:
Full set, classic470,00
Full set, french 500,00
Overlay 250,00
One nail 60,00
Nail art from 15depends on difficulty & materials used
Removal 150,00
Extension, gel:
Full set, classic 350,00
Full set, french 350,00
One nail 50,00
Nail designfrom 15
Aquarium design 20 for one nailwhen manicurist puts dry flower or smth in between nail and gel
Removal 150,00

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