Japanese Manicure

Want strong beautiful nails? We found a solution in Japan. Japanese manicure is a unique eastern procedure which allows the most weakened and damaged nails to restore completely. After several sessions of Japanese manicure, your nails will become firm, elastic, smooth, they will acquire a healthy pink shade and a natural shine. Firstly, the result is visible practically at once. Many problems are solved in a matter of two weeks. Preliminary diagnosis of the condition of nail plates is one of the reasons of high efficiency of Japanese manicure.
Japanese manicure set includes gel scrub for nails that contains seaweed, Tachibana sticks made from an orange tree and oil scrub with beads of jojoba oil. Also Japanese manicure set may include the nail file unit with genuine suede, the Kichin unit made of calfskin (for polishing) and the mineral paste. Sticks for manicure are made from Tachibana – a special kind of orange tree. The mineral paste contains a complex of proteins and rice milk for degreasing and for treatment of nail plate surface. Japanese manicure has been recognized around the world since 1958. Based on reviews, Japanese manicure is considered by many as the most aesthetic and effective. This manicure gives a healthy glow to nails. The main objective of manicure is to make nails healthier. Therefore this procedure is suitable for both women and men.


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