Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo cleanses hair excellently and leaves hair clean and beautiful. Instant relief from oily shine, disinfection, adding volume and a pleasant fragrance are guaranteed.

Dry shampoo “works” exclusively for hair. Its composition is free from alkaline ingredients that do not affect scalp in the best way, especially in case of frequent use of traditional shampoo. Therefore for people who have oily skin it can become quite an alternative tool for hair care. Such hair can be “refreshed” twice a week.

Dry shampoo is suitable for owners of damaged hair as an additional tool. Ladies wash hair daily, dry it with a stream of hot air from a hair dryer, fix it using a variety of hair styling products which is not healthy for hair. It is possible to reduce hair breaking and damage: by the use of traditional shampoo three times a week and use of dry shampoo in between as needed.


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