Our team

Platinum Black Salon has talented, passionate employees who provide the highest level of customer service to our clients.


Nail & Eyelash Technician

Oksana is an expert in the eyelash extensions. Through 10 yrs of experience, she creates a charming flicker of your lashes.
As well as Oksana performs all kinds of nail service. You will recieve a creative approach, personalized recommendations and beautiful nails! Oksana with us about 2 yrs.



Ahmad is an expert in the beauty industry for more than 10 yrs. He uses a unique technology, methods and individual approach to each client. You are guaranteed to get a unique beauty hairstyle. Particulary he focuses on the specificities of the masculine style. Ahmad with us a year and 7 months.



Maria is a highly qualified professional in the beauty industry. Medical College and education in the university have allowed to get a job in the famous "Persona". Mary works with quality cosmetic lines of known brands and uses various methods to improve the condition of the skin and healthy shine.




Hairstylist, Trichologist

Multi-Expert Anastasia has over 14 yrs of experience in various fields such as Blow dry, Hair-Up, Hair Coloring, Men's cut&Shaving. Nastia completed a course of Trichology and uses different ways for the treatment of hair and scalp. Her purpose is to make people happy and self-confident.


Hairstylist, Trichologist

Baktygul graduated from Estel School as a Professional Hairdresser and has over 8 yrs of experience in hair coloring&cutting for male and female. Baktygul treats hair and Baktygul is an expert in mixing colors. She worked in one of the finest hotel in Dubai. Her passion is to make people look good.P.S.


Massage therapist

The Therapist Anu believes that, to be able to determine the true beauty, it's nessasary to remove excess hair from the face and body.
Anu uses the most modern methods in her work. Through her professional experience, she has found a special approach, allowing clients to enjoy the results.


Hairstylist, Trichologist

Khadija has over 8 yrs of experience in hairstyling. She studied hair design, hair color, hair treatment, make up, hair up for a 2 yrs in Morroco. Khadija practices as a beautician with so many satisfied clients, that’s why she is so confident in her profession.


Massage therapist



Inna is a creative, who began a career in hairstyling after a friend's haircut at school. She received a lot of repeat customers for many years and keeps good personal relations.


Hairstylist, Trichologist

Fashionable Mr. Luyba has over 10 years experience in the industry. She has participated in different projects, fashion show. Her passion is to turn our guests into super stars.


Nail Technician

Alexandra performs all kinds of Nail services. Through experience, she improves the quality of her work. Also she specializes as a colorist. The Clients are satisfied with the results of the selecting colors by their skin tone, features and style. Alexandra truly loves to make better beauty.


Nail Technician

Nune is a highly talented Nail technician with 13 years experience in providing professional nail care services for clients including but not limited to professional proficiency in state-of-the-art techniques, procedures, equipment and in all phases of manicures and pedicures including faux nails and nail sculpturing