About Us

Our talented international staff are always improving and honing their skills, and never stop challenging themselves. In the hairdressing and beauty profession it is very important to keep improving and striving for perfection.

  • Maintain a positive and professional salon environment. We are careful in our hiring. When we add a new member to our team, we make sure the new member fits in well with other employees. Workplace harmony is crucial for a positive client experience.
  • Maintain staff stability. High staff turnover is a clear sign of problems in any work place. We don’t have that problem because we make certain that our work environment is a place where our team members are happy and want to stay.
  • Education. The most important investment that we make is educating our staff. All Platinum Black masters are true professionals who regularly participate in international competitions, as well as visit seminars and training courses at leading schools and academies around the world.